Tsuki Yamamura

Taoist monk


Tsuki Yamamura

Race: Human
Class: Monk/Psion (nomad) 3 – 4
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Sex: Male age: 20 hair: black Size: 5’ 4”

XP: 31,950

Str: 15 +2 HP: 29 PP: 19
Dex: 15 +2 AC: 14 +2 +2
Con 10 +0 Fort: 4 +4 +0
Int: 14 +2 Ref: 6 +4 +2
Wis: 15 +2 Will: 9 +7 +2
Cha: 16 +3 init: +2
Move: 40’

melee: 6 4 2
range: 6 4 2

Punch: 6 4/4 D6 +2
Staff: 6 4/4 D6 +2

Skills: Total Ranks: stat: Misc:
Climb 4 2 2
Craft tattoo 7 5 2
Diplomacy 4 1 3
Perception 10 6 2 2
Stealth 6 4 2
Acrobatics 6 2 2 2
Perform shamisen 6 3 3
Craft painting 6 4 2
Psicraft 9 7 2
Ride 3 1 2

Languages: Common, sylvan, Aklo, Gnome

Improved unarmed strike Combat Reflexes
Evasion Flurry of blows +0
Still Mind Scribe Tattoo
Improved Grapple Psicrystal affinity


Lvl 1 Save Act Target Dur points

Create Sound none std 25+5p2 rpl 1 Creates sound 4people per level
Burst none sft you rnd 1 10 speed
Inertial Armor none std you HpL 1 -2 +4 armor bonus +1 per 2 power
Fire ray none std 25
5p2 inst 1 -1 d6+1 fire +d6+1 per power
skate none std touch MpL 1 +15 move, move as on ice

Lvl 2 Save Act Target Dur points

Dimension Swap will std 25+5p2 inst 3 -2 swap position with/of ally, + size
Fire Push ref/f std 100+10pL inst 3 -2 2D6 1, str check push 55p5dmg,
+d6, dc1 per 2
Swarm of crystals none std 15 cone inst 3 -1 3d4 slashing +D4 per power
Detect hostile intent none std 30’R 10mpL 3 can’t be surprised

Polymorphic pouch
Shamisen m.w.
Deep Crystal quarter staff
mw tattoo tools
Magic Brush
folding fan
Necklace of fireballs (-2 3D6).
Wand of knock 34
Cloak of flying

inertial armor x2
my light x4
telempathic projection
entangling ectoplasm

gold 6105
platinum 56

a blue gem in the shape of a wisp,yin yang symbol can be seen in the center
Race: Construct

Str: 1 -5 HP: 6
Dex: 15 +2 AC: 16 +2 +4
Con - +0 Fort: 4 +4 +0
Int: 7 -2 Ref: 6 +4 +2
Wis: 10 +0 Will: 7 +7 +0
Cha: 10 +0 init: +2
Move: 30’ Climb 20’

Skills: Total Ranks: stat: Misc:
Climb 2 2 0
Craft tattoo 7 5 2
Diplomacy 1 1 0
search 6 6 0
Stealth 4 4 0
Jump 2 2 0
Perform shamisen 3 3 0
Craft painting 6 4 2
Psicraft 9 7 2
Ride 3 1 2

improved evasion
personality (artiste) +3 craft
Self Propultion
Share power
Telepathic link
Deliver touch powers


Tsuki’s village was a peaceful place hidden high in the mountains. It was founded by people who didn’t want any part in the demon war. Though neutral in the conflict neither side trusted them so they cut themselves off for their own safety.

His village was quiet. He grew up with his mother and 7 siblings while his father was out as a merchant making sure no one got close and bringing in the supplies they needed. If any forces got close his mother used her magic brushes to hide them and confuse their enemy. when she wasn’t doing that he was learning to paint and play the shamisen along with her.

Once he was old enough he went out with his father to learn more of the lands around. On one such trip they learned of an impending attack too late. By the time they had gotten back to the village the army had come and gone. the village was in ruins and nearly everyone was dead .a couple of his younger siblings survived as she had time to hide them, but his mother was dead, her brushes missing.

TI took awhile but they found a new place to settle down. Once they were settled in he left to find out more on those who attacked them. He was able to track them down to a baron who wasn’t living around the mountain surprisingly. He couldn’t get into the barons estate as it was well guarded. He did find that a lot of the guards trained at the dojo near by so he suppressed his chaotic tendencies to join and become a monk.

It took several years of training but he was finally able to get into the estate and found that the baron had just been hired by a wizard to attack the village. It was supposed to be a request from the emperor, but ended up being a trick so the wizard could get the brushes. Having heard enough he decided he was tired of all the structure and caused a lot of chaos in there. Pretending to be a ghost, spreading rumors and just generally making the baron’s life miserable. Eventually he got caught, so had to make a hasty exit

He had never really been an angry person and while his desire for revenge helped keep him focused in the dojo, finding out his quarry wasn’t as close as he thought kind of broke him out of it. He was still going to try to find the magic brushes, cause they were his mothers and if that wizard wanted them that badly he didn’t need to have them. So for a couple years he wandered the world looking for information and just in general have fun. Not to mention escape from the baron’s guards who had started to track him down.

Having finally found the wizard he prepped as best he could and headed into the castle. The wizard had apparently been collecting artifacts trying to create a ritual to make him lord of the demons. He was starting he was in the middle of the ritual when tsuki found him, sacrificing the magic in various items to enhance another. He was about to destroy the brushes when tsuki interrupted grabbing the bundle of brushes. The magic went haywire causing a well of worlds to activate randomly and with tsuki’s help many of the times fell in. he had almost gotten out then a fire ball clipped him burning a hole in the bundle that the brushes feel out of. They were dragged towards the pool and tsuki without thinking dived for the last one he could get, falling into the pool as well.

Now he finds himself in an unfamiliar world knowing he’ll have an even harder time finding his mother’s brushes but at least the wizard’s plans were stopped and he’ll have more places to explore!

Tsuki Yamamura

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