The Modular Game

In a Nutshell

The story so far

Two years ago, a group of adventurers happened to be inducted into the Adventurer’s guild at around the same time. As often happens with such cohorts, they have ended up accompanying one another on many missions.

Their First Mission was to Travel by ship for two weeks to Skaldarn, the only colony known on the southern continent Gorek. Surrounded in Jungle, the group was tasked to find a Chalice used by an Alchemist who had intentionally sought out an interconnected series of city sized ruins for peace, solitude and research. He was forced to abandon his efforts, however, when a local tribe of Kobolds with the command of undead walked into the temple and took over.

The mission in question was the second attempt by the guild to secure the desired object, because most of the first group died in mysterious circumstances.

Tyrin, Abydos, Hedge, Elacian, Ira, Dremydidd and Nelik located the Chalice, and divested the local tribe of Kobolds of their Undead Creating Magical Item. Tyrin had a rough go on this mission. On the way there, he was knocked unconscious, during a storm at sea, and ended up puking Green Fire over the side of the vessel. He was also rendered unconscious briefly by a battle with some overlarge jungle spiders, and still wears the scar of the bite below his left ribs.

The party next received a mission from the Guildmistress. Go to the Vale of Tears, meet with Content Not Found: dworen, and help him with some garden pests.

The party had only seven days to make a nine or ten day journey. With the help of a little druidic magic, and despite a few weather hardships, the party arrives exactly on time.

Dworen greeted the party with lunch, and had some of his staff show them around his xenobotanical research compound. Then there was dinner that evening and rest in the dormitory.

Meeting Dworen is a strange experience. The man seems thoroughly distracted at all times. He sometimes refers to things in the wrong order, looking forward to things that have already happened or discussing things that are yet to happen as though they already have. Other strange temporal things happen around him, like a person eating the same piece of fruit multiple times and another anomalies.

First, the party helped battle the locust infestation in one research field. A little before noon that day, fleeing animals brought another problem to the party’s attention. Several swarms of devouring acid slugs had wandered into the compound.

The swarms were dealt with easily, as the party had acid resistance magics prepared. Unfortunately, one of the slugs reacted strangely with the mysterious green fluid that was added to the sprayer. It rapidly grew into a 15 foot long, giant, acid-spitting slug. That fight was much more tense. Nelik was very nearly killed by the first spray of acid. The fight was longer than most. The party slowly beat the slug down with magic. The slug curled away from the saltray spells used against it, which cause several of its acid sprays to go wide. In the end, the party was successful, and with no loss of life.

Dworen rewarded the party with their choice of some enchanted fruits, which act much like potions, but can contain stronger magics. He encouraged the party to show these items around some, as he is interested in trading his potion-fruits with the adventurer’s guild.

The party then leaves with Dworen’s wishes for a quick and uneventful journey. Their journey was so quick and uneventful that they arrived back at the guild on the day they were due to arrive in the Vale. The largest of the temporal anomalies experienced on this trip. A little fast talking on the part of Hedge kept the Guildmistress from punishing the entire party for abandoning a mission.

The party then took a contract to travel to the Isle of Dusk and protect a group of pilgrims from the Temple of Kusk while they traveled to a holy site on the island to conduct a ritual. The danger came from a group of heretical lizard folk belonging to the cult of Zalphon, a god of chaos known as the Harbinger of Madness and the Herald of the Children of Discord.

The party succeeded in guarding the pilgrims from the twisted pseudonatural lizardfolk and their minions. The final battle was against more twisted lizards and a pseudonatural troll. The threat eliminated, the pilgrims were able to complete their rite and speak to the oracle, Eternal Delana.

The return trip was much more peaceful, and the party set sail for home, laden with horrible visions and gifts from the temple to notables in the city.



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