In an Effort to maintain good relations to folks back east, and resurrect a good thing we had going on, I would like to invite you all back to the Adventurer’s Guild, in a bit of a different format.

Essentially, the premise and settings are the same.

We’re busy people, with adult jobs and responsibilities and all that nonsense.
But we like to sit around with our friends and pretend to be heroes.

And in the hopes that chat based gaming isn’t totally uninteresting to you, I offer this as a potential place for having a little fun.

And for those of you who want to make New Characters, that’s what this game is MADE for.
Make as many as you like.

Make one guy, your Favorite guy, and have him rub elbows with the commoners again.

Or make a Villain Most Foul. Just understand, if he/she/it is really good, you’ll run up against this entity one day!

So Join up. This could be your chance to bring back a favorite, or create a new favorite. There’s a spot for all kinds.

The Modular Game

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