Geopolitics (such as they are)

Government and organization:

Genaria is a Kingdom, under the Rule of Content Not Found: rathiu-the-just, a good King who ascended the Throne about a Hundred Years ago as per the will of the people. Being as it is that He’s an Elf, they expect a at least six or seven more generations of his pleasant, even-handed and thoughtful rule. It is said that he was with the group who Aided the guildmistress when she slew the Sun Dragon. (which of course means that either that the story isn’t true at all, or that the guildmistress isn’t human.) There are Rumors of some Kind of relationship between the guildmistress and the King, and these are fueled by the King never having taken a queen, and the guildmistress visiting the castle on Holidays. There is very little crime and unrest in Genaria, because Very Few formal Laws Exist. If a person is Known to be a menace to society, they often find themselves with a substantial price on their Heads… and there are several groups for whom the peace of the city is an important thing to maintain. Though there is a King, he’s not a Law making sort, and believes that people will govern themselves… And where that fails, there are people who would gladly become wealthy taking care of unsavory business. In case that ever goes too far, there are a militia of Very powerful Paladins in service to the King, who openly CHAMPION Justice, though they are not allowed to ENFORCE it.

Commerce and trade:

Ytic Emoh is slightly Larger than Lexington. It is surrounded by Farming hamlets and affiliated ports, and an active web of merchants and traders keep these places connected at all times, so it would be fair to say that the city is actually much larger, except that most of the people don’t Live there. Trade with the Elven Kingdoms Through The River system that connects the city to the Forest makes the construction of large Shipyards possible. The Elves Harvest the trees Their way, and trade out the Lumber for Fish and Other goods… And the Forests are properly Managed.

Comerce is Largely through trade ships, and people typically depend on Local produce and fish for food. Chief exports include Ships, Fish, Resins, And Turnips. The country often imports textiles and spices from the southern lands, Grains from the West, and Metals from the Northern Dwarven Nations. Influence of trade with places such as Sigil, and other Planar Hubs serve to make available knowledge and goods from many worlds.

Culture and Law:

The dominant culture is something of a hodgepodge of different cultures. The area is in a Mediterranean climate, so there is a great lot of Open architecture, and carefully placed walls that direct the wind off the sea into the city. You have something between Steam age and Stone age tech, tending more toward Steam. Clocks are Expensive but not unheard of. There are both European and Japanese aspects to culture, without any apparent religious restrictions that come with these, because This is a land where all gods are valid. If there is one Hard Fast Law in Genaria, Genocide and Religious persecution are forbidden, and that includes protection for all races, and protection for even the worship of Dark Gods. (of course, people who like human sacrifices and plagues have a tendency to be eliminated by certain parties with vested interests in Everyone Not Dying.)

Geopolitics (such as they are)

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