The Modular Game

Back in the Saddle
How Dremydidd became a Centaur, and we met Discord

Not long after returning from Equestria, one of our Heroes, the Resident Cleric, is strangely transformed from his newfound “pony” form into a regular horse. In light of his decreasing mental acuity, the Guildmistress enlists several Guild members to find a cure.

Many divinations are obtained from various sources, Sruth, a cleric with a strange Curse, joins up, and Marl of Earth, lands in the Adventurer’s Guild main hall, quite unexpectedly, and they join the effort. The main group sets out to the North, to find the Tribe of Centaurs in the Elven lands, to hopefully obtain a divination from their God Chiron.

In the mean time, the Guildmistress and several heavies begin recovering the Gems to re-open the gate to Equestria, because it has become apparent that some sort of Chaos related Power has hitch-hiked in using the adventurers as a vehicle.

Hedge uses his great gifts to travel to Equestria to help solve the riddle, and identify the power in question, only to find that the absence of this entity has had dire consequences for the small pocket dimension.

Angered by the sudden appearance of another God of Chaos, Eris sends her faithful to destroy the adventurers who are seeking to save their friend, but they are no match for the heroes. Seeking shelter after the fight, the Party visits a strange bar off the main drag, and three new members join up. They meet Teng as he warns them of a burgeoning plot by some bored anti-paladins at the same bar, and they meet Alicia as a “party favor” at their table. With a little convincing by her mistress, they take Alicia with them, and promise to help her get a life started for herself, somewhere that she can be free.

Once again, Draven makes an ass of himself.

Meanwhile, Hedge aids the Guildmistress and the High Mage of Genaria in retrieval of some of the missing Portal stones that have been lost in the oceans of Dormiris, and negotiates to bring an ambassador from Equestria to Find the Chaos Power, and as his Friend, convince him to return to save the world.

The main group Travels while Hedge gets himself together, and makes ready to escort the Ambassador of Equestria to meet the rest of the party.

The Group encounters Gisella and Reilka, Friend’s of Marls that he thought were lost or dead, in the forest, just before they encounter a Chaosbeast filled with disembodied troll bits, and School it with laughter, blades and fire.

They are then surrounded by Centaurs, who were hunting the Chaosbeast, and manage to convey their mission, and secure their aid.

Hedge gains the help of Ira, Glimkin and Me’diae in Escorting the Equestrian Ambassador across the woodlands, and they locate a gift that has been left for her. It turns out to be a Powerful Artifact granting the Ambassador powers of persuasion beyond mortal Ken.

The Two Groups rendezvous at a sacred site for the Centaurs, and Hedge uses his magic, plus a little divine help to grant Dremydidd’s Greatest Wish, and break the curse on him. Discord finally appears, congratulating the adventurers, and whisks them away to the portal to Equestria, giving several of them interesting messages, curses and blessings before knocking them unconscious, and using them as props for silly pictures all over the planes for about three weeks. On returning them to Dormiris, he swaps their minds and bodies, and hilarity ensues, But the Mission is Accomplished.

DahnYel Jacsun
What Happens in Ponyville stays in Ponyville.

In response to a mission set by a Wizard seeking his Son, the Group goes To visit an archeological Dig site sponsored by the Mage’s Academy.

A portal to an Unknown Realm, with an unheard of color pool, has been found set in the side of a cliff. According to notes left behind, the son of the Wizard in question was fascinated by the portal from the moment it was uncovered. Because the destination could not be determined by any available magical means, his notes indicated that he believed it to let out in an as yet unknown pocket dimension.

His notes after this speculation indicate his entering the portal illicitly, and returning briefly to gather research materials, and show that he has indeed prepared himself to venture further within, and for an indeterminate amount of time.

The Group enters the portal, and all are transformed into ponies of various colors and sizes. Their weapons still work here, despite their lack of opposable digits, and they set out in search of civilization. Some find themselves similar to Unicorns, and able to perform feats of magic merely through concentration.

They find a cottage, and though the conversation is Odd, they receive information about the Missing person, and follow the directions of the owner of the cottage to a nearby town.

At the Library in this town, they find the missing person/pony. He is Absolutely engrossed with his research, and has no intention of leaving.

The group does eventually persuade him to at least come back, to let his father know where he is, and that he is alright, mainly by impressing upon him that his knowledges of this world would be valuable for magical research back in his homeland.

Upon the group re-entering the portal, they are confronted by a disembodied Voice. The voice offers them a chance to “take something with them, to remind them of their visit to Equestria.” Most of the group has the Good sense to say HELL NO.

But not everyone….

Most of the group returns to their normal state upon stepping back into the reality where they belong. Two of them, however, do not, and retain their strangely dexterous pony forms.

While Hedge remained a Pony Only for a Short while, Dremydidd remained a pony for several weeks, and one morning, he awoke as a very ordinarily formed Horse, instead of the otherworldly “pony form” he seemed to so enjoy.

The Pact
Enemy of my Enemy

The Guild responds to a distress request from a mining operation to the north of town.

The group arrives, finding a great number of miners sick or dying, and the clerics do all they can to help. Meanwhile, the group finds out that there has been a major find at the bottom of the mineshaft. No one really knows what it is, but they DO know that they are certain that they’ve dug straight to hell, and that there are demons down there.

The Group goes down to the bottom the next day, to scout out the bottom of the shaft, and finds a group of demons, at the command of a succubus, hunting all around the lowest chamber. Moments later, they meet a party of Devils, who have also been sent to investigate. Reluctant to attack, the leader of the devil party suggests that they band together against the Demons, and asks the group to sign a pact. After some very quiet, but heated negotiations, the pact is signed by all.

The two groups fall upon the Demons slaying many and beat them back, through a portal that sits open at the bottom of the chamber, against the back wall.

The Succubus Leader of the demons is seen concealing something, perhaps a jeweled Crown, in a bag, Just before escaping through the portal. The Devils give Chase, and the Party is left alone at the bottom of the shaft.

Draven the Corruptor Goes Quantity Surveying

A series of Adventures takes place on the continent of Tangan Kiri, in the City of Cartright. A small army has been assembled by the Adventurer’s Guild and sent to the city which is on Lockdown, and continually under siege by well organized groups of Kobolds and waves of undead.

Lead by Draven the Corruptor, the forces of the Adventurer’s guild have made camp Just outside the City, and have been running interference for the plagued city, alleviating much of the undead menace in the immediate area.

Hedge and Tyrin go first to visit the Small Mage’s guild, and Hedge checks in with some old friends. He finds that the Guild is on the verge of coming into it’s own, and is pleased with the progress.

The group then leaves the city, and heads north to a ruin that Hedge has been to before, back when he was participating in Archeological hunts to try to pay for his trip to the Mage’s Academy.

On the way, they encounter the particularly Virulent Zombies disclosed in the briefing. Tyrin Busts out a Spell he learned from Noddington’s Spell Book, and the group encounters a particularly tenacious pair of Kobolds, which they take as prisoners, and continue to the Ruin.

The first evening at the Ruin, one of the Captive Kobolds learns from the other that He had killed his wife. Before the Group can react, the Grieving Kobold murders his Shaman by Bashing his head into the stone floor repeatedly. The Previously Tight Lipped Kobold then Reveals to the Group that they are working for a human Man from the City of Cartright, and he describes one of the lead members of the Mage’s Guild, but also says that there is a Mindflayer working with him.

The group is temporarily waylayed, however, by exploration of the Ruin. They encounter a Ghost, a great number of strange Rooms, What can only be a series of portals, a phase spider, A Chaos Beast, and some kind of Spell Engine Orb. They promise to return to the Ghost, to either resurrect him, or at least lay him to rest. Exploring Deeper, the Group Finds a Pack of Destrachans, and uses up the majority of their spell power in and after the fight. They decide that this is enough for one trip, even though one of the destrachans manages to escape, the group heads back to the Encampment outside of Cartright, to report their findings to Draven.

Draven takes the Captive Kobold for Interrogation.

The Group sneaks back into the City, and over the next two weeks, largely through use of rumors and propaganda spread by Kyra, they succeed at getting the Strict Quarantine lifted, and use the ensuing celebration as a cover to comb the Mage’s Academy, and the Sewers to find information. They locate a house that is absolutely covered in protective magics, so bright that it shines to those with detect magic up, and they luck into what can only be the well stocked Lair of a powerful Necromancer in a secret alcove beneath this house, in the sewers. They also find the corpse of a powerful official in the Sewer, and begin to suspect that their enemies are actually firmly in the seats of power in the town.

During his rounds while on Look out, Tyrin meets a Girl at the huge celebration. She is Fair, and kind, and they talk briefly. She gives him a Chocolate, and tells him that her name is Llira, and that he should enjoy his gift, rather than suffering it. Tyrin eats the Chocolate, and no longer has to forcibly expel magic by Vomiting if he passes out.

The Group Separates, and half go to a meeting at the town hall, while the other half go to explore the Mage’s Guild. At the Mage’s guild, Tyrin finds a Scroll with a Terrible Glyph on it, and They arrange a small deception to Disenchant all the members of the guild, by staging a “lecture” and specifically un-charming everyone. They then head directly to the town hall, where the villains are busy reinforcing their work.

A Massive Charm effect is placed over everyone except the players, and the Villains, both of whom are disguised, purposefully sway the vote, and end up outing themselves in front of the members of the guild who have slyly included themselves in the crowd. The Mindflayer is, however, immediately aware that he and his plans are threatened, and that the Group, including Draven, are on to him. So he takes the Entire Crowd Hostage.

He marches them out of the town hall toward the Bay, and the group follows, When The rest of the members of the group reunite, a battle ensues.

They manage to destroy the mindflayer, and Draven takes out after the Doppelganger, who attempts to flee during the battle, but doesn’t get far.

Many of the members of the Guild stay to attempt to stabilize the town, and get the Council repaired as it should be.

Closer to Home
And Then Things Go Badly for Tyrin

One morning, at the Mage’s Academy, Hedge goes to check on Tyrin after he fails to appear in class.

He finds the Boy’s room empty, and dread steals through him. He knows that his small friend is fond of visiting the tunnels under the city to practice magic without fear of harming anyone, and has followed Tyrin into the tunnels a time or two, to keep watch over him.

Enlisting the help of the group from the Adventurer’s Guild, they follow a trail of bright wall patterns and doodles down into the darkened caves below the city, into the ruined city beneath. They encounter a nest of carrion crawlers, and a flock of stirges, and what is obviously Tyrin’s secret fort. They Recover the “borrowed” Spellbook of Master Noddington, and then move further into the dark, only to discover two terrible things.

The first is a cave in, with Tyrin very securely trapped by the rockfall, with a Dead Familiar, and a broken Leg.

The second is a Massive Aboleth, powerful beyond anything the group can possibly muster a defense against! They Recover Tyrin, Distract and deter the Aboleth, and Run the hell away.

They take Tyrin, amidst his great thanks, and apologies and shame and loss, back to the Adventurer’s guild immediately, for healing. He is surrounded by friends, and still miserable after the mending of his leg.

A Heavy Group, including the Guildmistress herself, is dispatched into the cave system below the city, to hopefully locate the monster. It has fled, of course, and the group of Very Capable Trackers is unable to figure out where to.

It is some number of hours later that Hedge thinks to check to see whether or not Tyrin is under the influence of the monster. Which, in fact, they find that he is.

With the Heavy Group Turning up Nothing, and the Boy still enthralled, they have no alternative but to lock him in a room and place a guard by the door. It is decided that they take the boy off plane in the morning, to break the hold the Aboleth has over him, and if that doesn’t work, to consult the denizens of Sigil for assistance in finding a solution.

This is where things get Nasty.

In the night, the Aboleth, using some sort of magical transference, uses the boy as a psycic vessel, disintegrates the guard by the door and travels to the Mage’s Academy. He then uses Tyrin’s knowledge of the Academy and form to sneak in, and then an incredibly powerful Black Blade of Disaster, coupled with a disintegrate, to completely destroy a Portal Ring used for travel to Sigil.

Then Tyrin is caught again. The Mage’s Academy is put on red Alert, and the Careful insistence of Hedge keeps Tyrin from being Expelled.

Restrained with the Iron Bands of Billaro this time, Tyrin is once again returned to the Guild. Under the control of the Aboleth, he shrinks himself, and escapes once more, eventually leading all his friends on a wild goose chase through the halls, and the Cat eventually catches him before he can reach an open window to Fly away.

It is decided that something must be done immediately. A Very Old member of the guild suggests a dangerous and powerful Dream ritual, in which his friends might travel into Tyrin’s mind to find the boy and Break the hold of the Aboleth by severing the Psychic link.

Tyrin’s friends agree, and the ritual is performed.

The party is plunged into a distorted Dreamscape, First a Classroom setting, where an Evil Version of Hedge is making Tyrin write lines and lines. (something the real Hedge would never do) Tyrin is totally caught up in the scene, and The Real Hedge has to convince him that he doesn’t have to do anything that the Evil Version tells him to do. As the boy begins to understand what is happening, the setting begins to unravel, and Tyrin instructs the group to find his Pet Rat, Chloe, who was killed in the Cave-in.

The Dream Shifts, and The Group is standing in a dark and Terrible Alchemical Laboratory. Tyrin is hooked to some apparatus, and green ooze is being extracted from his body. Billaray Farway, an Enemy of Hedge’s from the Academy, and a highly putative figure in Tyrin’s consciousness, is performing some experiment on him. It is clearly painful and terrifying, and the Group Launches an assault on Billaray. During this Fight, Hedge is Struck with his Phobia of Fire.

The Group, having suffered casualties in this fight, succeeds in Freeing Tyrin from the Machine, and the Dream Shifts again. This time, what remains of the group finds themselves standing on a tall temple mount, deep in the jungle. The pleas of Tyrin are heard then, from the bottom of a darkened Shaft. The Group descends, only to find a cavernous Vault within , the floor of which is filled with Acid. They find a Giant Drider-like monster lording over the paralyzed, disintegrating boy, who is laying in the acid, and unable to free himself.

The Group is having Great difficulty effectually attacking the Monster, and Tyrin is Rescued only after one of the Group decides to Sacrifice himself to save the boy. (Steve Fails to Fail, by somehow ripping two blocks out of the bottom of the Jenga tower, and Failing to cause it to Fall Down) The Warrior ties a blade to the end of the Rope used by all to climb down, and swings it at the beast, Decapitating it, and the Dream Ends.

The Group awakens, Largely Unharmed, and the Thrall of the Aboleth is Ended.
Tyrin awakens, and has no memory of the past several days, save several confusing snatches. He goes into a week of Mourning, when he finds that Chloe is dead, and refuses to take another Familiar.

In a Nutshell
The story so far

Two years ago, a group of adventurers happened to be inducted into the Adventurer’s guild at around the same time. As often happens with such cohorts, they have ended up accompanying one another on many missions.

Their First Mission was to Travel by ship for two weeks to Skaldarn, the only colony known on the southern continent Gorek. Surrounded in Jungle, the group was tasked to find a Chalice used by an Alchemist who had intentionally sought out an interconnected series of city sized ruins for peace, solitude and research. He was forced to abandon his efforts, however, when a local tribe of Kobolds with the command of undead walked into the temple and took over.

The mission in question was the second attempt by the guild to secure the desired object, because most of the first group died in mysterious circumstances.

Tyrin, Abydos, Hedge, Elacian, Ira, Dremydidd and Nelik located the Chalice, and divested the local tribe of Kobolds of their Undead Creating Magical Item. Tyrin had a rough go on this mission. On the way there, he was knocked unconscious, during a storm at sea, and ended up puking Green Fire over the side of the vessel. He was also rendered unconscious briefly by a battle with some overlarge jungle spiders, and still wears the scar of the bite below his left ribs.

The party next received a mission from the Guildmistress. Go to the Vale of Tears, meet with Content Not Found: dworen, and help him with some garden pests.

The party had only seven days to make a nine or ten day journey. With the help of a little druidic magic, and despite a few weather hardships, the party arrives exactly on time.

Dworen greeted the party with lunch, and had some of his staff show them around his xenobotanical research compound. Then there was dinner that evening and rest in the dormitory.

Meeting Dworen is a strange experience. The man seems thoroughly distracted at all times. He sometimes refers to things in the wrong order, looking forward to things that have already happened or discussing things that are yet to happen as though they already have. Other strange temporal things happen around him, like a person eating the same piece of fruit multiple times and another anomalies.

First, the party helped battle the locust infestation in one research field. A little before noon that day, fleeing animals brought another problem to the party’s attention. Several swarms of devouring acid slugs had wandered into the compound.

The swarms were dealt with easily, as the party had acid resistance magics prepared. Unfortunately, one of the slugs reacted strangely with the mysterious green fluid that was added to the sprayer. It rapidly grew into a 15 foot long, giant, acid-spitting slug. That fight was much more tense. Nelik was very nearly killed by the first spray of acid. The fight was longer than most. The party slowly beat the slug down with magic. The slug curled away from the saltray spells used against it, which cause several of its acid sprays to go wide. In the end, the party was successful, and with no loss of life.

Dworen rewarded the party with their choice of some enchanted fruits, which act much like potions, but can contain stronger magics. He encouraged the party to show these items around some, as he is interested in trading his potion-fruits with the adventurer’s guild.

The party then leaves with Dworen’s wishes for a quick and uneventful journey. Their journey was so quick and uneventful that they arrived back at the guild on the day they were due to arrive in the Vale. The largest of the temporal anomalies experienced on this trip. A little fast talking on the part of Hedge kept the Guildmistress from punishing the entire party for abandoning a mission.

The party then took a contract to travel to the Isle of Dusk and protect a group of pilgrims from the Temple of Kusk while they traveled to a holy site on the island to conduct a ritual. The danger came from a group of heretical lizard folk belonging to the cult of Zalphon, a god of chaos known as the Harbinger of Madness and the Herald of the Children of Discord.

The party succeeded in guarding the pilgrims from the twisted pseudonatural lizardfolk and their minions. The final battle was against more twisted lizards and a pseudonatural troll. The threat eliminated, the pilgrims were able to complete their rite and speak to the oracle, Eternal Delana.

The return trip was much more peaceful, and the party set sail for home, laden with horrible visions and gifts from the temple to notables in the city.


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