Sruth Caoin

Cleric of Sria


Cleric 8, Chaotic Evil with a tinge of Neutral Good
Human Male, 6’4", 210 lbs, 20 years
Shiny Black hair past shoulders, Bright Blue Eyes, Pale white skin
30707 xp 53 spellpoints/day

Str: 13 Speed………………………… 30 Fort: +8 Ref: +3 Will: +9
Dex: 13
Con: 14 HP: 70 AC: 19 Touch: 13 Flat-Footed: 18
Int: 15
Wis: 17 Languages: Common, Sylvan, Abyssal
Cha: 17
Appearance (if applicable): 16
Base Attack: 6/1 Mornignstar +2: Attack 9/4 Damage d8 +3 Crit x 2
Feats: Extra Turning, Augment Healing, Empower Turning
Good Devotion* (see below)
Abilities: Turn Undead 10 times/day, Speak with animals once per day, Good spells at +1 caster level
Turning Check: d20 +5, hit dice of undead turned: (2d6 +11) x 1.5
Perception…….10 Diplomacy…14 Heal……………..14
Knowledge, Nature…….9 Knowledge, Religion………..9 Spellcraft (concentration)…….13
Equipment Worn/carried
Heward’s Handy Haversack Ring of Protection +2 Cloak of Resistance +2 Explorer’s outfit
Chain Shirt +2 Morningstar +2 Holy Symbol component pouch
Equipment in Haversack
Acid Flask x2 Rations x5 100ft silk rope Grappling Hook
Alchemist Fire x2 Ink and Pen 10 sheets paper Chalk x5
Antitoxin x2 Oil x5 Vial (empty) x5 Flask (empty) x2
Holy Water x4 Dagger (sheathed) Backpack Bedroll
Cure light Potion x2 Tent Waterskin 5 torches
Hide from Undead potion x6 160 gold 7 silver 9 copper
Everburning Torch

*Good Devotion: Once per day, plus an additional time per turning attempt expended, caster grants damage reduction of 1 + 1/5 level, only overcome by evil.
Currently it would be DR2/evil to ALL ALLIES within 30 feet. 1 min per use.
Also, Allies natural AND weapon attacks count as good for overcoming DR


“At least YOUR deity speaks in complete sentences!”

Sruth is…?
He has the warmth and kindly demeanor one would associate with a servant of fiendish powers showing his true nature…
Yet he has thus far been “polite”, “friendly”, and “courteous”…in a manner suggesting someone (perhaps Sruth himself) is compelling this civil behavior at crossbow-point.
His garb suggests cleric, not druid, of a nature power.

He detects as human. His alignment is Chaotic Evil…but somehow with a veneer of neutral good. Anyone reading his alignment gets the impression that he would be damaged by evil-aligned spells, but that part of him might enjoy the sensation.

His holy symbol is unsusually detailed: a painted wooden disk. It depicts a clearing in a grove of trees. A dark-skinned woman in a blue dress stands at the center. Kneeling before her is a human child with long red hair, who appears to be tending a sapling. A small brown blob is on the ground beside the child; closer examination shows it to be a squirrel.

He speaks about his deity in a disparaging manner. He never belittles the tenets of her faith; his near-insults are reserved for the deity herself. The fact that Sruth has not been on the receiving end of a serious smiting suggests “Sria” either has a thick skin or a weak grasp of language skills….or is more interested in deeds than words.

Sruth Caoin

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