Rathiu the Just

Gentle Natured, Soft-spoken, rapier-witted ruler of Genaria, who moonlights as a Cartographer


Rathiu is one of those kind of kings that became a king because the entire kingdom Unanimously Decided that he should be.

It is not a path he would ever have chosen, but he does his level best to be good at it.
He is also probably the least formal, most easy going king in the history of kings.

He likes gardening, and often travels to the elven kingdoms which are his homelands.
He has employees that take care of the palace, which he mostly doesn’t use. He can typically be found in the four rooms around the kitchens, in the gardens, or his library.

He is also known to go walking out in the streets in the afternoons, down to the docks. There are so few people who recognise him that he can do this without fear. (Nevermind that he has an amazing rapier that he carries with him at all times, and is Epically good with it.)

Unfortunately, secrecy does tend to ding any and all potential at a love life, and he is often lonely.

Rathiu the Just

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