Kalok Dreadbane

Epic Warrioress and Head of the Adventurer's Guild in Ytic Emoh


STR 20 something
INT upside of 14 at least
WIS Upside of 16 at least
DEX 17
CON 20 something
CHA 15 at least, more, depending on who you talk to

The Holy Golden Claymore +3 that hangs on the edge of the balcony in the Lobby of the Adventurer’s guild is said to be her favorite… She DOES take it with her when she goes out.


Kalok is a tall, imposing human woman with Long black hair that has begun to go silver in a streak above her left eye. She is scarred, and muscled and every inch the warrioress.

Kalok is intentionally an enigmatic individual. She has been seen to be both unusually kind and understanding, and totally Visciously Cruel. She has been known to display both good humor and arctic seriousness.
Most of the time, She can be found working at the front Desk of the guild, unless she is out on a Job. She eats in the Mess hall with everyone else, and totally rejects any attempts at Hero-worship or brown-nosing.
Rumors abound about the guildmistress. It is said that she is married to a general in Hell. It is said that She visits the castle on Holidays and has a relationship with the King. It is said that she Slew the Sun Dragon that threatened the City once. It is said that she is more than a hundred years old… but no one has been Brave enough to ask her age, because that’s considered rude.

The guildmistress does wear a delicate Ruby Ring on the ring finger of her left hand. It is Magical. She is Very Protective of her Son, and has been known to threaten people’s lives if they get fresh with him.

Kalok Dreadbane

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