The Great and Powerful Hedge



What is presently known (or can be deduced) about Hedge, in Stat Block Format!

Human (Wizard 10th, Arcane Savant 3rd); HD 10d4, 3d6 (45 hp – False Life adds 1d10+10), Init + 1, Speed 30’ (40’ with Boots); AC 13/21 ( + 1 Dex, + 2 Ring, + 4 Mage Armor, + 4 Shield Spell ), Touch 13/18, Flat Footed 12/20; Base Attack + 6 / + 1; SQ: Human – 1 Extra Feat at 1st Level; 1 Extra Skill Point each level, Class Features Familiar, Bonus Feat (Scribe Scroll), Bonus Feat (Brew Potion), Arcane Spell Casting, Adept Activation, Master Scholar, Esoteric Magic, Glyph Finding, Scroll Master, Spell Points 151; Favored Class (Any, Wizard); Saves: Fort + 4, Ref + 5, Will + 10; Abilities: Str 8, Dex 12, Con 10, Int 25, Wis 12, Cha 14 (16); Skills: Appraise + 14, Bluff + 5, Craft (Alchemy) + 23, Diplomacy + 15, Disguise + 4, Fly + 5, Knowledge (Arcana) + 24 †, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) + 11, Knowledge (Engineering) + 11, Knowledge (Geography) + 11, Knowledge (History) + 15, Knowledge (Local) + 15, Knowledge (Nature) + 11, Knowledge (Nobility) + 15, Knowledge (Planes) + 15, Knowledge (Religion) + 15, Knowledge (Warfare) + 11, Linguistics + 13, Perception + 15 / + 17, Perform (Sing) + 3, Perform (Dance) + 3, Sleight of Hand + 6, Spellcraft + 28 †, Stealth + 6, Survival + 5, Use Magic Device + 23 †; Languages: Common, Draconic, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Elven, Sylvan, Undercommon, Dwarven; Feats: Scribe Scroll, Eschew Materials, Point Blank Shot, Craft Wondrous Item, Precise Shot, Spell Focus (Illusion), Spell Focus (Enchantment), Magical Aptitude, Brew Potion.

† = Hedge may take 10 with these skills, even if distracted or endangered. However, Hedge may not take 10 with Use Magic Device checks made to activate an item blindly.


Tome of Clear Thought +4

Arcane Sight (Permanent, Caster Level 11th, 1500 XP)
Comprehend Languages (Permanent, Caster Level 11th, 500 XP)
Darkvision (Permanent, Caster Level 12th, 1000 XP)
Read Magic (Permanent, Caster Level 11th, 500 XP)
See Invisibility (Permanent, Caster Level 12th, 1000 XP)
Tongues (Permanent, Caster Level 12th, 1500 XP)


Heward’s Handy Haversack (Satchel), Wand of Cure Light Wounds, Everburning Torch, Ring of Protection +2, Masterwork Heavy Crossbow (“Bertha”), 20 Bolts, 20 Cold Iron Bolts, 20 Alchemical Silver Bolts, 20 +1 Bolts , Tricorner Hat with Feather (Hat of Disguise, Head), Golden Scale Amulet (+ 1 Caster Level, Neck), Orange Ioun Stone (+ 1 Caster Level), Robe of Stars (Body), Staff of Necromancy, Brooch of Shielding (Neck), Boots of Striding and Springing (Feet), Circlet of Rapid Casting (Head), Boxers of Charisma +2, Trousers of Endure Elements, Gloves of Use Magic Device +8 (Hand), Gloves of Nullification (Hand).

Magic Items Currently Equipped

A character can equip: One headband, hat, helmet, or phylactery on the head; one pair of eye lenses or goggles on or over the eyes; one amulet, brooch, medallion, necklace, periapt, or scarab around the neck; one vest, vestment, or shirt on the torso; one robe or suit of armor on the body (over a vest, vestment, or shirt); one belt around the waist (over a robe or suit of armor), one cloak, cape, or mantle around the shoulders (over a robe or suit of armor); one pair of bracers or bracelets on the arms or wrists; one glove, pair of gloves, or pair of gauntlets on the hands; one ring on each hand (or two rings on one hand); 8ne pair of boots or shoes on the feet.

Head = Circlet of Rapid Casting.
Eyes = None.
Neck = Golden Scale Amulet.
Torso = None.
Body= Robe of Stars.
Waist = None.
Shoulders = None.
Wrists = None.
Hands = Gloves of Use Magic Device +8.
Ring One = Ring of Protection +2.
Ring Two = None.
Feet = Boots of Striding and Springing.
Unslotted = Orange Ioun Stone, Handy Haversack, Trousers of Endure Elements, Boxers of Charisma +2.

Other Gear

In Haversack – Bedroll (5 lbs), Scroll Case x 4 (2 lb), Chalk x 10 (Neg.), Grappling Hook (4 lb), Ink x 4 (Neg.), Inkpen x4 (Neg.), Paper x 10 (Neg.), Small Steel Mirror (.5 lbs), Silk Rope 50’ (5 lb), Empty Sack x 2 (1 lb), Sealing Wax (1 lb), Signet Ring (Neg), Waterskin (4 lbs), Explorers Outfit (8 lb), Scholar’s Outfit (6 lb)

Worn – One set of Clothing, Belt Pouch x2 (1 lb)

Wealth – 22,330 gp, 31 sp.

Spell Casting

151 Spell Points. Wizard Caster Level 12th (13th with Golden Scale Amulet or Orange Ioun Stone, 14th with both.)

  • Level 0 = 5 free per day, then 1 SP each.
  • Level 1 = 1 SP … for Caster Level 1 (offensive), +1 SP per +1 Caster Level (offensive)
  • Level 2 = 3 SP … for Caster Level 3 (offensive), +1 SP per +1 Caster Level (offensive)
  • Level 3 = 5 SP … for Caster Level 5 (offensive), +1 SP per +1 Caster Level (offensive)
  • Level 4 = 7 SP … for Caster Level 7 (offensive), +1 SP per +1 Caster Level (offensive)
  • Level 5 = 9 SP … for Caster Level 9 (offensive), +1 SP per +1 Caster Level (offensive)
  • Level 6 = 11 SP … for Caster Level 11 (offensive), +1 SP per +1 Caster Level (offensive)

Non-offensive spells operate at full caster level for the base Spell Point cost.


Level 0 (Prepare 4 per day – Save DC 17, 18 for Illusions and Enchantments) – Acid Splash, Arcane Mark, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Poison, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Flare, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Prestidigitation, Read Magic, Ray of Frost, Resistance, Touch of Fatigue

Level 1 (Prepare 6 per day – Save DC 18, 19 for Illusions and Enchantments) – Alarm, Animate Rope, Cause Fear, Charm Person, Chill Touch, Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Detect Secret Doors, Erase, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Hold Portal, Hypnotism, Identify, Mage Armor, Mount, Protection from Evil, Protection from Chaos, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Sleep, Unseen Servant

Level 2 (Prepare 6 per day – Save DC 19, 20 for Illusions and Enchantments) – Command Undead, Continual Flame, Eagle’s Splendor, False Life, Glitterdust, Hypnotic Pattern, Minor Image, Protection from Arrows, Pyrotechnics, Hideous Laughter, Spider Climb

Level 3 (Prepare 6 per day – Save DC 20, 21 for Illusions and Enchantments) – Deep Slumber, Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Flame Arrow, Halt Undead, Illusory Script, Magic Circle against Evil, Magic Circle against Chaos, Major Image, Ray of Exhaustion, Secret Page, Sepia Snake Sigil

Level 4 (Prepare 4 per day – Save DC 21, 22 for Illusions and Enchantments) – Dimensional Anchor, Polymorph, Scrying, Shadow Conjuration

Level 5 (Prepare 4 per day – Save DC 22, 23 for Illusions and Enchantments) – Channeled Lifetheft, Hold Monster, Mage’s Private Sanctum, Permanency, Shadow Evocation, Teleport

Level 6 (Prepare 3 per day – Save DC 23, 24 for Illusions and Enchantments) – Awaken (Druid 5), Hallow (Cleric 5).

Captured Spellbooks

Lodogran’s — Cantrips: Amaneusis, Repair Minor Damage, Stick, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Mending; 1st Level: Appraising Touch, Golem Strike, Repair Light Damage, Slow Burn, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Tenser’s Floating Disc, Ventriloquism, Erase; 2nd Level: Arcane Lock, Obscure Object, Spectral hand, Fox’s Cunning, Chain of Eyes, Ethereal Chamber, Dark Way, Stone Bones; 3rd Level: Reverse Arrows, Nondetection, Arcane Sight, Gentle Repose, Gaseous Form, Shrink Item, Shatterfloor, Amorphous Form, Demon Dirge, Devil Blight, Repair Serious Damage, Spell Vulnerability; 4th Level: Stone Shape, Minor Creation, Repair Critical Damage, Melt Metal, Ray of Deanimation, Blood Star, Corporeal Instability, Iron Bones, Dimensional Anchor, Scrying, Enervation, Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer; 5th Level: Major Creation, Wall of Stone, Hold Monster, Magic Jar, Baleful Polymorph, Fabricate, Transmute Rock to Mud, Transmute Mud to Rock, Planar Tolerance, Zone of Respite, Wrack, Spell Matrix (lesser), Vunerability; 6th Level: Transcribe Symbol, Hardening, Subvert Planar Essence, Make Manifest, Planar Binding, Contingency, Disintegrate, Flesh to Stone, Stone to Flesh, Move Earth, Mordenkainen’s Lucubration; 7th Level: Sequester, Teleport Object, Forcecage, Simulacrum, Finger of Death, Reverse Gravity, Limited Wish, Planar Bubble, Stone Shape Greater; 8th Level: Dimensional Lock, Planar Binding (greater), Trap the Soul, Binding, Clone, Temporal Stasis, Create Greater Undead, Spell Engine, Heart of Stone, Excavate.

Usually Prepared (Average Day)

0th (4): Mage Hand, Mending, Open/Close, Prestidigitation; 1st (6): Alarm, Charm Person, Feather Fall, Mage Armor, Mount, Unseen Servant; 2nd (6): Fox’s Cunning, False Life, Glitterdust, Hypnotic Pattern, Pyrotechnics, Spider Climb; 3rd (6): Deep Slumber, Dispel Magic, Magic CIrcle against Evil, Major Image, Secret Page; 4th (4): Dimensional Anchor, Polymorph, Scrying, Shadow Conjuration; 5th (4): Mage’s Private Sanctum, Shadow Evocation, Teleport, Channeled Lifetheft; 6th (3): Awaken (Druid 5), Hallow (Cleric 5), Disintegrate.

Usually Prepared (Expecting Heavy Combat)

0th (4): Acid Splash or Ray of Frost or Disrupt Undead, Open/Close, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation; 1st (6): Alarm, Color Spray, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Mage Armor, Shield; 2nd (6): False Life, Glitterdust, Hypnotic Pattern, Protection from Arrows, Spider Climb, Pyrotechnics; 3rd (6): Deep Slumber, Dispel Magic, Explosive Runes, Magic Circle against Evil, Major Image; 4th (4): Dimensional Anchor, Polymorph, Scrying, Shadow Conjuration; 5th (4): Hold Monster, Shadow Evocation, Teleport, Channeled Lifetheft; 6th (3) Awaken (Druid 5), Hallow (Cleric 5), Disintegrate.

  • Hedge has adopted an occasional disguise — that of a Human, Male Wizard (Necromancer — barred Schools: Enchantment and Evocation) called Nerium Oleander. As a “necromancy specialist” Oleander largely sticks with undead control and destruction (rather than undead creation) coupled with a major focus on de-buffing enemies (rather than slaying them) … although he will certainly deploy acid and shadow-illusion based magic when those spells look to be most effective.


Currently, when disguised as Nerium Oleander, Hedge’s Usually Prepared spells are:

0th (4): Touch of Fatigue, Mending, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation; 1st (6): Ray of Enfeeblement, Alarm, Mage Armor, Mount, True Strike, Shield; 2nd (6): Acid Arrow, Command Undead, False Life, Glitterdust, Protection from Arrows, Spectral Hand; 3rd (6): Disrupt Undead (greater), Ray of Exhaustion, Dispel Magic, Icelance, Magic Circle against Evil, Major Image; 4th (4): Enervation, Assay Spell Resistance, Dimensional Anchor, Shadow Conjuration; 5th (4): Break Enchantment, Channeled Lifetheft, Mage’s Private Sanctum, Shadow Evocation; 6th (3): Awaken (Druid 5), Disintegrate, Hallow (Cleric 5)

Note: Spells in Bold are Necromancy spells; spells in Italics are currently copied from other spell-books.

When the opportunity presents itself, Hedge will seek to replace Spectral Hand with Curse of Impending Blades. At present this spell is unavailable to him.


Foucault ” (Raven) – Tiny Magical Beast; HD 13 (22 hp), Init + 2, Speed 10’, Fly 40’ (average); AC 19 (+2 size, +2 Dex, +5 Natural), Touch 14, Flat Footed 15; Base Attack +3 / Grapple -10; Attack: Claws +7 melee (1d2-5); Space/Reach 2 ½‘ / 0’; SQ: Familiar (grants +3 to Appraise checks, grants Hedge the Alertness feat when within arm’s reach), Share Spells (Familiar), Empathic Link (Familiar), Deliver Touch Spells (Familiar), Speak with Master (Familiar), Speak with Animals of its own Kind (Birds, Familiar), Natural Armor Bonus +5, Low Light Vision; Saves: Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +9; Abilities: Str 1, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 14, Chr 6; Skills: Fly +6, Perception +6; Language: Common; Feats: Skill Focus (Perception), Weapon Finesse, Improved Evasion (Familiar).

  • Hedge has adopted an occasional disguise — that of a Human, Male Wizard (Necromancer) called Nerium Oleander. While Hedge is so disguised, Foucault goes by the name Baron Cimitière.

The Great and Powerful Hedge” is a human wizard of the Arcane Academy, a member of the Adventurer’s Guild in the city of Ytic Emoh, and a talkative fellow who can say nothing whatsoever using ever so many words. He’s not a native of the city, having arrived at the Academy perhaps a decade ago, and the set of his features mark him as foreign. Among his many quirks, Hedge talks of himself in the third person almost exclusively, frequently using the title “The Great and Powerful.” He is a little short; a little plump; pushing thirty years; and quite fond of good food, good wine, and gossip. Hedge has a pet raven named Foucault (his familiar) who speaks common and occasionally runs errands.

Hedge is a boozer and a schmoozer. He can be arrogant, dismissive, fussy and petulant one moment; charming, courteous, outgoing and surprisingly generous the next. He is also an accomplished alchemist; one of the students (Hedge prefers the term “protege”) of Noddington, the Academy’s previous (and extremely aged) Master of Potions and Scrolls. Hedge grumbles about being slighted when the Academy passed him over for promotion to the vacant professorship, tenure, and title following his masters death two years ago. He seems to have a particular dislike for the Academy’s Master of Enchantments (one Billaray Farway) and the man’s cronies for reasons unknown.

While Hedge may sometimes claim to only be looking after Tyrin (whom Hedge refers to as “his Ward”) because the “Old Noddington’s” last request of Hedge was to “look out for the boy,” Hedge is clearly quite fond of the lad and he would likely be looking out for Tyrin anyway.

Those adventurers who have worked with Hedge in the field know he is nigh obsessive about gathering as much information as possible before hand on those missions he undertakes, digging through old libraries, consulting sages, or simply hanging out in taverns listening to travelers’ tales to determine what sort of hazards are presently at large along the roads. With the information he gathers, Hedge tailors his spell selection to precisely meet the needs of each stage of his particular task. Admittedly, Hedge has little of the flash and fire of battle-magic at his disposal, claiming that such raw exercises of elemental power are usually barbarically uncouth … and Hedge prefers a measure of finesse. Blowing things up with a blast of fire may be well and good for other magicians, but if that’s what you need then you’d best go talk to them, not him.

Hedge insists that with proper preparation risk may be mitigated down to near nothing. A plaque on his desk in the Academy reads “Help Stamp Out Bravery” — and Hedge has sternly stated that if the situation is such that one is called upon to be brave, then one has already bungled badly and wasn’t properly prepared! Even so, when the going gets tough, Hedge has thus far remained calm and collected even in the heat of battle. While he generally prefers to avoid violence, Hedge is surprisingly accurate (for a scholarly type) with his masterwork heavy-crossbow (which Hedge has apparently named “Bertha.”)

So, if you need alchemical wares — Hedge will provide them (at cost if he likes you!) If you need a potion, Hedge will gladly brew one up, or find one of his fellow alchemists who will — as long as you provide the materials. If you need the latest gossip, or information about goings on about Ytic Emoh and the environs — Hedge is a excellent resource (if he doesn’t know something, he’s always glad to go chat up the locals.) And if you can put up with his … peculiarities — Hedge will sometimes deign to accompany a mission and provide magical support. Indeed, Hedge seems to enjoy wandering about new places as much as he loves staying at home with his creature comforts.


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