El Zapataedar Toro (Gorn)

Minotaur Bard-barian


STR 20 +5 HP: 66
DEX 14 +2 AC: 23/12/23
CON 16 +3 ATK: 10/5
INT 10 +0 Melee: 15/10 grapple: 19
WIS 9 -1 Ranged: 12/7
CHA 14 +2 Movement: 40’

Fort +3 Init: 2
Ref +5 Spell points: 1
Will +5 Level 2 barbarian/ 3 bard XP: 28,967
Race: Minotaur

Skills: Total Ranks Stat Misc Skills: Total Ranks Stat Misc
Perception 9 5 -1 5 Perfom: String 7 5 2
Intimidate 12 5 2 Perfom: Dance 7 5 2
Survival 2 3 -1 Use Magic Dev 4 2 2

Power attack, Cleave, Improved Overrun, Great Cleave, Extra Music

Racial abilities:
Dark Vision 60’, Natural armor +5, scent, Gore D8, Powerful charge (gore 4D6 +1.5 str), Natural cunning (never lost, never flat footed, can track opponent), Large (-1Ac, -4 steath, +4 grapple, 10 reach)

Class abilities:
Rage 1/D 8/R +4 STR/CON, -2 AC, Uncanny Dodge, Bardic Music, Bardic Knowledge, Facinate, Countersong, Inspire Courage +1,Inspire Competence +2

0 lvl 1st lvl
Detect Magic Charm Person
Ghost Sound Cure light Wounds
Mage Hand Grease

Weapons: ATK DMG stat mod Crit
Keen Greataxe 1 (large) 16/11 3D61 7 19-20 x3
MW longsword 16/11 D6 5 x2

Mithril shirt (large) +2

Handy haversack Wand cure light wounds
MW guitar wand Detect Secret Doors
silk rope 50’ Wand Sleep
2 pouches Entertainer’s outfit
Trophy Chain


Gorn started out life as many minotaurs. his clan warring with others, looting and pillaging across the planes. After awhile he was wondering what else was out there. he had noticed that he was smarter than most of his peers and he was finding their conversations tiresome and predictable. any attempts at conversation with non minotaurs tended to end with them running away as soon as he said hello… though in all fairness most of the time he was sacking their town. So one day he decided to set off on his own, visit the famed city of Sigil. surely there he could find something more to do in life!

His journey was pretty uneventful as many adventures to Sigil are concerned. Most things think better than to attack a minotaur with a giant axe and Gorn has always struck an intimidating figure anyway. He wasn’t the strongest of his tribe, but most challengers would back down and he was smart enough to pick his fights. Most of the creatures that thought they could take him backed down as soon as he made eye contact. the rest got added to his trophy chain. Eventually he lucked into finding a caravan beset by goblins. he got several trophies that day. the merchant was grateful, in the not wanting to be added to the chain sort of way, and let him travel with them to the gate town in the plains.

When they arrived there was a festival going on so he left the merchant to check it out. Already he was seeing dozens of different races mingling. some he always thought never got along, even some he hadn’t even heard of! What surprised him most was the fact he wasn’t causing a panic. course anyone that got too close would trip over themselves backing up.

After awhile he was given a ticket for a free fortune telling by a talking ice ice creature. She motioned over to a nearby tent with a sign proclaiming it as Madame Zorna’s. (though he never bothered to learn to read.) He decided a seer may help give him a direction to search so entered the ten. Inside was a snow leopard in a shiny swami turban an d proclaiming himself as “the Great and Powerful Kacheesmo!” as he waved his paws over a crystal ball. He mentioned he was filling in for Madam Zorna while she filled her allergy perscription. (allergic to cats… who knew!) Gorns still looked skeptical then after a long back forth about him being a taking cat and gorn being a talking bull and what would a cat know about being a seer he was finally convinced to let him tell gorn’s fortune.

The Great and Powerful Kacheesmo then went into his mystic light show and chanting and waving …then stopped cause he forgot the question, received an intimidating glare and suddenly remembered, continued to beseech the spirits and all that jazz. and in an echoy voice he got the" the answer he seeks sits in the tavern, two blocks down, third building on his right…can’t miss it. There a man of great import dressed in black with a large hat waits for a dwarven ale. Take it to him and he will teach you the skills you seek. you’re life calling as… a bard!" the lights and other worldy noises and stuff cut off and silence fills the room for a moment, then another long conversation about what the cat was smoking. But after a few chaotic logic loops and maybe a suggestion or two Gorn was finally convinced. The Great and powerful Kacheesmo happily and hurriedly pushed gorn out of the tent telling him not to mention hima nd say ti was madam zorna (he was just an understudy after all). Madam Zorna would return soon and he had to cleanup. (by which he meant rub up against everything and hack up a few hairballs to “help” with her allergies)

So he went to the bar, found the man fitting the cat’s description. sat down nearly slamming the dwarven ale on the table and asked, in his normal barbarian manner which is more of a demand any in any other circle, to be his student. the man thought it was a joke at first,but Madame Zorna did tell him the student he sought would bring him a dwarven ale. He hesitantly asked why Gorn wanted to be a bard. When he mentioned Madam Zorna told him it was his destiny his demeanor brightened. With someone of Madame Zorna’s Talent had seen it then it must be fate! What they didn’t know was that a rival bard had hired an assassin and that they had paid off Madame Zorna to set him up. Or that Gorn had shoved the assassin out of the way as he took the seat next to the bard. With the mention of Madame Zorna the assassin realized he’d been double crossed, who’s ever heard of a minotaur bard!, and left the tavern. NO one has heard from Madame Zorna since.

It took a few years but The bard was able to train gorn. he had an affinity for the guitar and was surprisingly light on his feet. he took instantly to tap dancing and he was enjoying himself for the first time in awhile. He was given a stage name “el Zapataedar Toro” as Gorn wasn’t a good bardic name. His shows tended to get mixed reviews. though no one ever gave him a bad one. one look from him and they always changed their minds. Having taught gorn all he could, his teacher told him to explore, a bard’s best tales come from his own experience. Once again he sets off across the planes looking for adventure.

El Zapataedar Toro (Gorn)

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