Draven (The Corruptor)

Level 20 Anti-Paladin to Asmodeus


STR 17
DEX 25
CON2 24
INT 20
WIS 19
CHA 23

HP ? 200+
AC 20


Draven is a stately, well groomed human male approximately 25 years of age
He has the mark of Nessus (Asmodeus’s Symbol) tattooed on his left cheek.

Draven is always relaxed, easygoing and has a perpeutal smile playing about his lips, as if he knows that everything will turn out his way in the end.

He is deadly with his weapons, and frightening fast in battle.

He loves to screw with people psychologically, and intentionally does so with every opportunity. In his eyes, if you make the poor decision to associate with him, That’s your own fault, and you’re fair game. Members of the Adventurer’s guild are not exempt.

He just doesn’t murder them in their sleep, as he would with normal people, unless he is quite confident that it cannot be traced back to him.

Draven (The Corruptor)

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