Elven Rogue with Incredibly Bad Luck in Love and business.


Abydos is a tall, lanky elf with several visible scars.
Before he became a member of the guild, he was a knife fighter and freelance thief. (a career path with a notoriously short life-span in Ytic Emoh because of the Thieves Guild)

Abydos has family on the Southern continent, and an unusually dark complection for an elf. He is also covered with a myriad of Blue tribal tattoos, characteristic of his tribe.

Abydos is a worshiper of Loki, and wears a copper Holy Symbol at all times. Though he has no gift for magic, or any divine channel, he is a devout believer, to the point that he will not Speak Loki’s name, lest he draw unwanted attention to himself. (He believes that the Lord of Lies only gives two kinds of luck, Bad Luck, and Worse Luck.)

Abydos is notoriously Unlucky in Love. Ha has dated several women in the guild, and continues to horribly bungle or explode his relationships with them. In most cases, these explosions are legitimately not his fault, and he is genuinely contrite… Unfortunately, once you get a certain kind of reputation among a group of people, it has a habit of sticking to you.


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