Siren, aka Rhiannon

"I was born like this, I had no choice. I was born with the gift of a golden voice. And twenty-seven angels from the Great Beyond....They tied me to this table right here in the Tower of Song."

Bard 14, Chaotic Good Hit Points: 92 99,277xp
Human Female, 5’9", 117 lbs, 20 years Spell points: 83 (without enhancement, 73) Next Level: 105,000xp
Dark Brown Hair past shoulders, Green Eyes, Tanned white skin Bardic Music: 16/day

Current Hit Points_____ Current Spell Points_______ Remaining Bardic Music______

Str: 10 Initiative: +5 Speed 30
Dex: 12 Fort: +10 Ref: +14 Will: +17
Con: 14 AC: 17 Touch: 11 Flat-Footed: 16
Int: 14
Wis: 7 Languages: Common, Draconic, Vaasi, Celestial, Infernal
Cha: 20 (without shorts, 18)
Appearance (if applicable): 16
Base Attack: 10/5
Shortbow+1 Thundering Attack 12/7 Damage d6+1 Crit X3 +2d8 Sonic Damage, Range 60ft
Shortsword Attack 10/5 Damage d6 Crit 19-20
Dwarven Longsword +3 Attack 13 /8 Damage d8 +1 Crit 19-20
Masterwork Cold-Iron Dagger Attack 11/6 Damage d4 Crit: 19-20
Masterwork Silver Dagger Attack 11/6 Damage d4-1 Crit x 19-20
Improved Initiative, Run Force of Personality
Danger Sense (reroll init 1/day) Lingering Song Chant of Fortitude
Less Sleep (learned/earned in Cartwright) Versatile Performer
Special Abilities:
Bardic Knowledge +16 Bardic Music (2+ 1/level) Countersong
Fascinate Inspire Courage +3 Inspire Competence
Suggestion Inspire Greatness Song of Freedom
Acrobatics…..7 Bluff…22 Climb….4
Craft: Sketching …… 8 Disguise ………13 (15 with Kit) Escape Artist….18
Knowledge, Planes….12 Linguistics…..7 Perception…12 (visual 14)
Perform, Sing… 22 (24 combined) Perform, Wind Instruments…..22 (24 combined) Perform, Stringed Instruments…22 (24 combined) (24/26 with masterwork lyre)
Perform, Dance …..22 (24 combined) Sense Motive…7 Spellcraft …12
Stealth….18 Survival….0 (2 on other planes) Swim….4
Use Magic Device….14 Knowledge, Arcana….7 Knowledge, History….8
Spells Spell Points: 76
0th 1st 2nd
Prestidigitation Cure Light Sound Burst
Mending Inspirational Boost Silence
Mage Hand Feather Fall Battle Hymn
Detect Magic Detect Secret Doors Hold Person
Ghost Sound
3rd 4th 5th
Good Hope Freedom of Movement Dispel Magic, Greater
Charm Monster Legend Lore Mind Fog
Invisibility Sphere Neutralize Poison Hide From Dragons
Analyze Portal
Equipment worn/carried
Heward’s Handy Haversack Cloak of Resistance +4 Leather +3, Heavy fortification
Explorer’s outfit Masterwork Silver Dagger Dwarven Longsword +3
Shortbow +1 Thundering Quiver/20 arrows
Gold Scale Amulet (+2 bard music/day) Component Pouch Harp of Charming
Ring of Protection +1 Ring of Avoid Planar Effects Jockey Shorts of Charisma +2
‘armlet’ piece of Music (+2 to visual Perception)
Equipment in Haversack
Lyre (her old one) Lyre (Masterwork) Flask, marked white lightning
3 cure light potions Masterwork Ocarina Masterwork Double-recorder
Adamantine throwing dagger(sheathed) Masterwork Silver Longsword (sheathed) Masterwork Cold-Iron Longsword (sheathed)
Masterwork artisan’s tools (sketching) Book-What to expect when you are Expecting…Horns
500gp Crystal Goblet Ivory strips 3x Incense for Legend/Lore
Torches x5 Chalk x5 Fruit???
Oil x5 Sack x2 Cure Light Potion x2
Antitoxin x3 Alchemist Fire x5 Everburning Torch
Potion Hide from Undead x5 Winter Blanket Scrollcase
Paper x30 Candles x10 Masterwork Cold Iron Dagger (sheathed)
100ft silk Rope Pen & Ink x2 Quiver, Silver arrows x20
Quiver, Cold Iron arrows x20 Quiver, Adamantine arrows x20 5x Scroll See Invisible
Grappling Hook Backpack Empty Flask x2
Empty Vials x5 Rations x10 Waterskin x2
Tent Traveler’s outfit Noble’s Outfit (fancy dress)
Flint & Steel Mirror Spare Socks and Undies
Bedroll Short Sword(sheathed) shortbow
Disguise Kit x2 Entertainer’s outfit x2 (skimpy, bright) Servant/Slave outfit
Clarinet Imbued with ‘music’
2000gp in gems, 53 plat 9435 Gold 41 Silver 9 Copper
(Need to sort out equipment/gp from the ‘vacation’ purchases)

What Biography? She wandered in out of nowhere.
Things that are known:

According to the Guild Mistress, she smelled like the Demiplane of Dread when she arrived.

She seems a competent bard.

She only speaks in song lyrics, even when not singing.

She has been known to sing in a foreign tongue, presumably a Ravenloft dialect.

She tends to wander into strange beds at night, curling up next to whoever-is-handy and…sleeping.

She has obtained a silver dagger; she carries it on her constantly during the day and sleeps with it in her hand at night (the one drawback to her nocturnal visitations)

She has been whimpering and screaming less in her sleep of late.

Siren, aka Rhiannon

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