The Modular Game

The Pact

Enemy of my Enemy

The Guild responds to a distress request from a mining operation to the north of town.

The group arrives, finding a great number of miners sick or dying, and the clerics do all they can to help. Meanwhile, the group finds out that there has been a major find at the bottom of the mineshaft. No one really knows what it is, but they DO know that they are certain that they’ve dug straight to hell, and that there are demons down there.

The Group goes down to the bottom the next day, to scout out the bottom of the shaft, and finds a group of demons, at the command of a succubus, hunting all around the lowest chamber. Moments later, they meet a party of Devils, who have also been sent to investigate. Reluctant to attack, the leader of the devil party suggests that they band together against the Demons, and asks the group to sign a pact. After some very quiet, but heated negotiations, the pact is signed by all.

The two groups fall upon the Demons slaying many and beat them back, through a portal that sits open at the bottom of the chamber, against the back wall.

The Succubus Leader of the demons is seen concealing something, perhaps a jeweled Crown, in a bag, Just before escaping through the portal. The Devils give Chase, and the Party is left alone at the bottom of the shaft.



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