The Modular Game

DahnYel Jacsun

What Happens in Ponyville stays in Ponyville.

In response to a mission set by a Wizard seeking his Son, the Group goes To visit an archeological Dig site sponsored by the Mage’s Academy.

A portal to an Unknown Realm, with an unheard of color pool, has been found set in the side of a cliff. According to notes left behind, the son of the Wizard in question was fascinated by the portal from the moment it was uncovered. Because the destination could not be determined by any available magical means, his notes indicated that he believed it to let out in an as yet unknown pocket dimension.

His notes after this speculation indicate his entering the portal illicitly, and returning briefly to gather research materials, and show that he has indeed prepared himself to venture further within, and for an indeterminate amount of time.

The Group enters the portal, and all are transformed into ponies of various colors and sizes. Their weapons still work here, despite their lack of opposable digits, and they set out in search of civilization. Some find themselves similar to Unicorns, and able to perform feats of magic merely through concentration.

They find a cottage, and though the conversation is Odd, they receive information about the Missing person, and follow the directions of the owner of the cottage to a nearby town.

At the Library in this town, they find the missing person/pony. He is Absolutely engrossed with his research, and has no intention of leaving.

The group does eventually persuade him to at least come back, to let his father know where he is, and that he is alright, mainly by impressing upon him that his knowledges of this world would be valuable for magical research back in his homeland.

Upon the group re-entering the portal, they are confronted by a disembodied Voice. The voice offers them a chance to “take something with them, to remind them of their visit to Equestria.” Most of the group has the Good sense to say HELL NO.

But not everyone….

Most of the group returns to their normal state upon stepping back into the reality where they belong. Two of them, however, do not, and retain their strangely dexterous pony forms.

While Hedge remained a Pony Only for a Short while, Dremydidd remained a pony for several weeks, and one morning, he awoke as a very ordinarily formed Horse, instead of the otherworldly “pony form” he seemed to so enjoy.



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