The Modular Game

Closer to Home

And Then Things Go Badly for Tyrin

One morning, at the Mage’s Academy, Hedge goes to check on Tyrin after he fails to appear in class.

He finds the Boy’s room empty, and dread steals through him. He knows that his small friend is fond of visiting the tunnels under the city to practice magic without fear of harming anyone, and has followed Tyrin into the tunnels a time or two, to keep watch over him.

Enlisting the help of the group from the Adventurer’s Guild, they follow a trail of bright wall patterns and doodles down into the darkened caves below the city, into the ruined city beneath. They encounter a nest of carrion crawlers, and a flock of stirges, and what is obviously Tyrin’s secret fort. They Recover the “borrowed” Spellbook of Master Noddington, and then move further into the dark, only to discover two terrible things.

The first is a cave in, with Tyrin very securely trapped by the rockfall, with a Dead Familiar, and a broken Leg.

The second is a Massive Aboleth, powerful beyond anything the group can possibly muster a defense against! They Recover Tyrin, Distract and deter the Aboleth, and Run the hell away.

They take Tyrin, amidst his great thanks, and apologies and shame and loss, back to the Adventurer’s guild immediately, for healing. He is surrounded by friends, and still miserable after the mending of his leg.

A Heavy Group, including the Guildmistress herself, is dispatched into the cave system below the city, to hopefully locate the monster. It has fled, of course, and the group of Very Capable Trackers is unable to figure out where to.

It is some number of hours later that Hedge thinks to check to see whether or not Tyrin is under the influence of the monster. Which, in fact, they find that he is.

With the Heavy Group Turning up Nothing, and the Boy still enthralled, they have no alternative but to lock him in a room and place a guard by the door. It is decided that they take the boy off plane in the morning, to break the hold the Aboleth has over him, and if that doesn’t work, to consult the denizens of Sigil for assistance in finding a solution.

This is where things get Nasty.

In the night, the Aboleth, using some sort of magical transference, uses the boy as a psycic vessel, disintegrates the guard by the door and travels to the Mage’s Academy. He then uses Tyrin’s knowledge of the Academy and form to sneak in, and then an incredibly powerful Black Blade of Disaster, coupled with a disintegrate, to completely destroy a Portal Ring used for travel to Sigil.

Then Tyrin is caught again. The Mage’s Academy is put on red Alert, and the Careful insistence of Hedge keeps Tyrin from being Expelled.

Restrained with the Iron Bands of Billaro this time, Tyrin is once again returned to the Guild. Under the control of the Aboleth, he shrinks himself, and escapes once more, eventually leading all his friends on a wild goose chase through the halls, and the Cat eventually catches him before he can reach an open window to Fly away.

It is decided that something must be done immediately. A Very Old member of the guild suggests a dangerous and powerful Dream ritual, in which his friends might travel into Tyrin’s mind to find the boy and Break the hold of the Aboleth by severing the Psychic link.

Tyrin’s friends agree, and the ritual is performed.

The party is plunged into a distorted Dreamscape, First a Classroom setting, where an Evil Version of Hedge is making Tyrin write lines and lines. (something the real Hedge would never do) Tyrin is totally caught up in the scene, and The Real Hedge has to convince him that he doesn’t have to do anything that the Evil Version tells him to do. As the boy begins to understand what is happening, the setting begins to unravel, and Tyrin instructs the group to find his Pet Rat, Chloe, who was killed in the Cave-in.

The Dream Shifts, and The Group is standing in a dark and Terrible Alchemical Laboratory. Tyrin is hooked to some apparatus, and green ooze is being extracted from his body. Billaray Farway, an Enemy of Hedge’s from the Academy, and a highly putative figure in Tyrin’s consciousness, is performing some experiment on him. It is clearly painful and terrifying, and the Group Launches an assault on Billaray. During this Fight, Hedge is Struck with his Phobia of Fire.

The Group, having suffered casualties in this fight, succeeds in Freeing Tyrin from the Machine, and the Dream Shifts again. This time, what remains of the group finds themselves standing on a tall temple mount, deep in the jungle. The pleas of Tyrin are heard then, from the bottom of a darkened Shaft. The Group descends, only to find a cavernous Vault within , the floor of which is filled with Acid. They find a Giant Drider-like monster lording over the paralyzed, disintegrating boy, who is laying in the acid, and unable to free himself.

The Group is having Great difficulty effectually attacking the Monster, and Tyrin is Rescued only after one of the Group decides to Sacrifice himself to save the boy. (Steve Fails to Fail, by somehow ripping two blocks out of the bottom of the Jenga tower, and Failing to cause it to Fall Down) The Warrior ties a blade to the end of the Rope used by all to climb down, and swings it at the beast, Decapitating it, and the Dream Ends.

The Group awakens, Largely Unharmed, and the Thrall of the Aboleth is Ended.
Tyrin awakens, and has no memory of the past several days, save several confusing snatches. He goes into a week of Mourning, when he finds that Chloe is dead, and refuses to take another Familiar.



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