The Modular Game


Draven the Corruptor Goes Quantity Surveying

A series of Adventures takes place on the continent of Tangan Kiri, in the City of Cartright. A small army has been assembled by the Adventurer’s Guild and sent to the city which is on Lockdown, and continually under siege by well organized groups of Kobolds and waves of undead.

Lead by Draven the Corruptor, the forces of the Adventurer’s guild have made camp Just outside the City, and have been running interference for the plagued city, alleviating much of the undead menace in the immediate area.

Hedge and Tyrin go first to visit the Small Mage’s guild, and Hedge checks in with some old friends. He finds that the Guild is on the verge of coming into it’s own, and is pleased with the progress.

The group then leaves the city, and heads north to a ruin that Hedge has been to before, back when he was participating in Archeological hunts to try to pay for his trip to the Mage’s Academy.

On the way, they encounter the particularly Virulent Zombies disclosed in the briefing. Tyrin Busts out a Spell he learned from Noddington’s Spell Book, and the group encounters a particularly tenacious pair of Kobolds, which they take as prisoners, and continue to the Ruin.

The first evening at the Ruin, one of the Captive Kobolds learns from the other that He had killed his wife. Before the Group can react, the Grieving Kobold murders his Shaman by Bashing his head into the stone floor repeatedly. The Previously Tight Lipped Kobold then Reveals to the Group that they are working for a human Man from the City of Cartright, and he describes one of the lead members of the Mage’s Guild, but also says that there is a Mindflayer working with him.

The group is temporarily waylayed, however, by exploration of the Ruin. They encounter a Ghost, a great number of strange Rooms, What can only be a series of portals, a phase spider, A Chaos Beast, and some kind of Spell Engine Orb. They promise to return to the Ghost, to either resurrect him, or at least lay him to rest. Exploring Deeper, the Group Finds a Pack of Destrachans, and uses up the majority of their spell power in and after the fight. They decide that this is enough for one trip, even though one of the destrachans manages to escape, the group heads back to the Encampment outside of Cartright, to report their findings to Draven.

Draven takes the Captive Kobold for Interrogation.

The Group sneaks back into the City, and over the next two weeks, largely through use of rumors and propaganda spread by Kyra, they succeed at getting the Strict Quarantine lifted, and use the ensuing celebration as a cover to comb the Mage’s Academy, and the Sewers to find information. They locate a house that is absolutely covered in protective magics, so bright that it shines to those with detect magic up, and they luck into what can only be the well stocked Lair of a powerful Necromancer in a secret alcove beneath this house, in the sewers. They also find the corpse of a powerful official in the Sewer, and begin to suspect that their enemies are actually firmly in the seats of power in the town.

During his rounds while on Look out, Tyrin meets a Girl at the huge celebration. She is Fair, and kind, and they talk briefly. She gives him a Chocolate, and tells him that her name is Llira, and that he should enjoy his gift, rather than suffering it. Tyrin eats the Chocolate, and no longer has to forcibly expel magic by Vomiting if he passes out.

The Group Separates, and half go to a meeting at the town hall, while the other half go to explore the Mage’s Guild. At the Mage’s guild, Tyrin finds a Scroll with a Terrible Glyph on it, and They arrange a small deception to Disenchant all the members of the guild, by staging a “lecture” and specifically un-charming everyone. They then head directly to the town hall, where the villains are busy reinforcing their work.

A Massive Charm effect is placed over everyone except the players, and the Villains, both of whom are disguised, purposefully sway the vote, and end up outing themselves in front of the members of the guild who have slyly included themselves in the crowd. The Mindflayer is, however, immediately aware that he and his plans are threatened, and that the Group, including Draven, are on to him. So he takes the Entire Crowd Hostage.

He marches them out of the town hall toward the Bay, and the group follows, When The rest of the members of the group reunite, a battle ensues.

They manage to destroy the mindflayer, and Draven takes out after the Doppelganger, who attempts to flee during the battle, but doesn’t get far.

Many of the members of the Guild stay to attempt to stabilize the town, and get the Council repaired as it should be.



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