The Modular Game

Back in the Saddle

How Dremydidd became a Centaur, and we met Discord

Not long after returning from Equestria, one of our Heroes, the Resident Cleric, is strangely transformed from his newfound “pony” form into a regular horse. In light of his decreasing mental acuity, the Guildmistress enlists several Guild members to find a cure.

Many divinations are obtained from various sources, Sruth, a cleric with a strange Curse, joins up, and Marl of Earth, lands in the Adventurer’s Guild main hall, quite unexpectedly, and they join the effort. The main group sets out to the North, to find the Tribe of Centaurs in the Elven lands, to hopefully obtain a divination from their God Chiron.

In the mean time, the Guildmistress and several heavies begin recovering the Gems to re-open the gate to Equestria, because it has become apparent that some sort of Chaos related Power has hitch-hiked in using the adventurers as a vehicle.

Hedge uses his great gifts to travel to Equestria to help solve the riddle, and identify the power in question, only to find that the absence of this entity has had dire consequences for the small pocket dimension.

Angered by the sudden appearance of another God of Chaos, Eris sends her faithful to destroy the adventurers who are seeking to save their friend, but they are no match for the heroes. Seeking shelter after the fight, the Party visits a strange bar off the main drag, and three new members join up. They meet Teng as he warns them of a burgeoning plot by some bored anti-paladins at the same bar, and they meet Alicia as a “party favor” at their table. With a little convincing by her mistress, they take Alicia with them, and promise to help her get a life started for herself, somewhere that she can be free.

Once again, Draven makes an ass of himself.

Meanwhile, Hedge aids the Guildmistress and the High Mage of Genaria in retrieval of some of the missing Portal stones that have been lost in the oceans of Dormiris, and negotiates to bring an ambassador from Equestria to Find the Chaos Power, and as his Friend, convince him to return to save the world.

The main group Travels while Hedge gets himself together, and makes ready to escort the Ambassador of Equestria to meet the rest of the party.

The Group encounters Gisella and Reilka, Friend’s of Marls that he thought were lost or dead, in the forest, just before they encounter a Chaosbeast filled with disembodied troll bits, and School it with laughter, blades and fire.

They are then surrounded by Centaurs, who were hunting the Chaosbeast, and manage to convey their mission, and secure their aid.

Hedge gains the help of Ira, Glimkin and Me’diae in Escorting the Equestrian Ambassador across the woodlands, and they locate a gift that has been left for her. It turns out to be a Powerful Artifact granting the Ambassador powers of persuasion beyond mortal Ken.

The Two Groups rendezvous at a sacred site for the Centaurs, and Hedge uses his magic, plus a little divine help to grant Dremydidd’s Greatest Wish, and break the curse on him. Discord finally appears, congratulating the adventurers, and whisks them away to the portal to Equestria, giving several of them interesting messages, curses and blessings before knocking them unconscious, and using them as props for silly pictures all over the planes for about three weeks. On returning them to Dormiris, he swaps their minds and bodies, and hilarity ensues, But the Mission is Accomplished.



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